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Do you want to have peculiar experiences in your daily living? If you are not so euphoric with your life, you will be able to have highly magnificent and excellent quality place to live in. Capital City can augment your lifestyle through determining a new and unique fusion of worldwide cultures here. In fact, we integrate appealing and enticing elements from the whole wide world into our amazing services particularly you can see different cultures in our iconic landmark that measure 14 acres in Johor Bahru, Johor which can assure you of having an everyday life that is full of adventure. This encompasses of 5 iconic buildings that has service apartment, a huge platform, and 2 hotel blocks that can offer effervescent retail experiences in a global manner.


Winner of 5 Star Award

Being in the business for quite some time, we were able to be the winner of 5 Star Award, the Best Mixed Used Development, and the Asia Pacific Property Award in 2014 – 2015, which all companies desire for.




Our company, Capital city is ideally situated along Jalan Tampoi new enhanced route which can be found in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Our global Iconic Landmark can be considered as our strategic joint venture which is located in this amazing place in order to capitalize the fast-growing consumer market of Johor.

Apart from that, we are specifically created to provide more efficient and effective solutions to the needs of the community that may transpire in the near future. Likewise, all of the people who belong in the community will surely have an enjoying, exciting life. Furthermore, Capital city is an integrated innovation that is built on 10 acres of freehold land that includes retail Podium with 6 brilliant floors, a block for the Capital Suites and a block for Hilton-Garden Inn Hotel, and Service Apartments with 3 grand blocks. With all of these highly innovative services, you will totally have what you deserve.

capital21 mall


Going to Capital City, you will be captivated with the glorious sleek architecture from afar. You will be welcomed and surprised with the stunning grand entrance that requires you to be ready with the magnificent world of exhilaration available. So, instead of travelling around the world, go to the Capital City where you can see the vivid reality.

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If you want to have a vacation with a blissful comfort and delightful retreat, you can have it in our cosseted urban retreat that will allow you to enjoy a peaceful getaway that includes attentive amenities. And there will be no place as relaxing and soothing with our gracefully arranged living spaces.

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Capital City is a place where excitement and thrill are available that can be experienced with our grand services. For all captivating places around the world, here you can see the most unique and the most spectacular Iconic Landmark.


Perfectly situated within Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Capital City is just minutes away from one of a kind tourist hotspots and urban optimal convenience. More than just comfort, you will have a hassle free accessibility that can give you an ultimate and holistic experience. So, with Capital City it is within your easy reach for it is connected to all major highways.

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