Regional, Thematic, Festival Mall and Entertainment Hub

Do you want to have peculiar experiences in your daily living? If you are not so euphoric with your life, you will be able to have highly magnificent and excellent quality place to live in. Capital City can augment your lifestyle through determining a new and unique fusion of worldwide cultures here. In fact, we integrate appealing and enticing elements from the whole wide world into our amazing services particularly you can see different cultures in our iconic landmark that measure 14 acres in Johor Bahru, Johor which can assure you of having an everyday life that is full of adventure. This encompasses of 5 iconic buildings that has service apartment, a huge platform, and 2 hotel blocks that can offer effervescent retail experiences in a global manner.

About Us

capital world limited

Capital World Limited

(Incorporated in the Cayman Islands on 15 March 2013)
(Company Registration Number: CT-276295)

Based in Johor, Malaysia, Capital World Limited is an integrated property developer that focuses on working with landowners on a joint venture basis to enhance the value of landowner's land asset. Through such joint ventures, Capital World Limited undertakes the conception, design and implementation of integrated property development projects, while minimising capital outlay for the acquisition of land banks.

Capital World Limited is currently developing an integrated development comprising Capital 21 mall - set to be Johor Bahru's largest shopping mall - as well as a hotel and serviced suites, and serviced apartments located in Johor. It has two other projects being planned - an integrated development project in Johor and a Wellness Hub in Perak.