Regional, Thematic, Festival Mall and Entertainment Hub

Do you want to have peculiar experiences in your daily living? If you are not so euphoric with your life, you will be able to have highly magnificent and excellent quality place to live in. Capital City can augment your lifestyle through determining a new and unique fusion of worldwide cultures here. In fact, we integrate appealing and enticing elements from the whole wide world into our amazing services particularly you can see different cultures in our iconic landmark that measure 14 acres in Johor Bahru, Johor which can assure you of having an everyday life that is full of adventure. This encompasses of 5 iconic buildings that has service apartment, a huge platform, and 2 hotel blocks that can offer effervescent retail experiences in a global manner.

Home To Modern Comfort

A lot of people are dreaming of a magical yet realistic lifestyle in this world. Well, it’s never too late to experience that way of life you are dreaming of. With Capital City’s iconic buildings, hotels, vast platform and serviced apartment, you are likely living in a “world of everything”. It’s never a fantasy living in the place where everything that you want is already there for through creative minds, all of those things becomes possible. Thus, one of the elements that made Capital City gain its prestige all over the world is its world class taste of serviced apartment. It has complete amenities that will make your living here so comfortable and relaxing. In addition, it has top of the line fittings that absolutely complement to its office and chic living cabin that are really admirable to look at. Thus, its design exceeds the expectations of this the modern and contemporary world.

Their serviced apartment also has
• 690 units
• 2 accessible lifts to podium car park
• 3 tier security system
• high speed broadband convenience
• club house

  • Capital Neo Geo Reo Type A Living Room
  • Capital Neo . Geo . Reo - Type A - Kitchen
  • Capital Neo . Geo . Reo - Type A - Mater Bedroom
  • Capital Neo . Geo . Reo - Type A - Room