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Do you want to have peculiar experiences in your daily living? If you are not so euphoric with your life, you will be able to have highly magnificent and excellent quality place to live in. Capital City can augment your lifestyle through determining a new and unique fusion of worldwide cultures here. In fact, we integrate appealing and enticing elements from the whole wide world into our amazing services particularly you can see different cultures in our iconic landmark that measure 14 acres in Johor Bahru, Johor which can assure you of having an everyday life that is full of adventure. This encompasses of 5 iconic buildings that has service apartment, a huge platform, and 2 hotel blocks that can offer effervescent retail experiences in a global manner.

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Garden Inn by Hilton

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Hilton Garden Inn is an award-winning, state of the art and very affordable hotel brand that provides guests and travelers the great opportunity to discover exciting things and connect with friends and family while they’re on a vacation. It has over more than 650 locations worldwide, which are full of inviting social spaces and excellent high-end amenities. Rest assured that you will have a memorable experience if you visit this hotel. We promise that in Hilton Garden Inn, an excellent service is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction and convenience. The best service there is can be found in Hilton Garden Inn.


We provide the silky soft 300 Thread Count Cotton Fabric pillows, which are guaranteed to make you comfortable. These cotton fabric pillows are custom made and have various designs. It aims to enhance your sleeping ability and at the same time, bring you the most splendid convenience you have never felt before.


We offer a set of push bathing towels that are made from 100% organic cotton and flexible materials. The material provides durability and versatility features, which creates a very unique and soothing experience. You will surely love these.


In terms of news and entertainment on television, you will surely be at the edge of your seat, as we provide a wide scale definition of the latest news and TV shows. You will surely enjoy the exciting and fun filled experience of a lifetime just by watching it on wide screen TV together with high definition sound.


We provide a wireless, high-speed internet connection anywhere in Global City! Our WIFI service enables you to connect to the internet with accurate speed and efficiency. You can use any mobile device or laptop to talk, share stories or simply have fun all you want.


You deserve the best spaces that will make you feel relaxed and if you have any work to be done, we offer a medium-sized working desk together a stylish ergonomic chair. This is perfect in order for you to perform your task and a very convenient and comfortable way.


Do you want a delicious snack? We have a minibar, which is a private and small beverage and snack bar that provides you the most delicious treats such as crunchy crisps, drinks and be beverages that will surely make your whole day activity refreshing and sweet. Also, we also provide a huge refrigerator which will certainly make your drinks cold in no time.


Global City has long been concerned with the safety and protection of our guests and because of that, the hotels has been equipped with 24/ 7 CCTV surveillance systems, which are regularly monitored by our trained and credible team of experts. Rest assured that you will have a round of the clock safety and protection services as a means to further uphold your satisfaction.


Many luxury guests believe that a hotel service can make a significant difference during their stay here and because of that, we are very proud to have a very reliable reception desk and diligent housekeeping team. They are proven to be skilled and credible in their job who can help assist all the guests’ needs. These services are trusted and proven consistent and effective.